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The Performa A Super-Powered Suit from Van Heusen

Doused in high performance attributes, the latest offering from the suiting experts at Van Heusen is designed to help you handle whatever life throws at you.

Using a super-powered mix of cutting edge nano-technologies, Van Heusen’s Performa suit is dedicated to protecting the public from the perils of everyday living. Separating Van Heusen Performa from ordinary suits is it’s heroic ability to repel water and resist grimy stains, whilst retaining it’s crease-free good looks and breathable appeal.

Combining Van Heusen’s expertise in tailoring with the latest nano-technology, the Van Heusen Performa suit is based on the company’s clean-cut ‘Classic Fit’, a sharply cut and universally well-fitting suit with a two-button jacket and flat front trouser for extraordinary day-to-day performance.

Van Heusen Performa’s grime-fighting attributes are born of it’s atomised yarn and silicate-treated, non-toxic nano-whiskers, which repels water and forms a breathable barrier against stains. The whiskery finish forces foreign liquids to bead up and roll away while enabling air to circulate between the fabric and skin, leaving the suit as perfect as the day it was first worn.

The performance-enhancing finishes to the fabric are further increased by the highly twisted nature of the yarn itself, which is super spun 3 times tighter than regular yarns to create a fabric memory that enables it to return to its original, crush-free state in an instant.

The lightweight woollen fabrics are sophisticated, elegantly textured and stylish enough for both work and play. Self-stripe and micro patterns in navy herringbone, shadow-stripe, textured charcoal or black pinstripe finishes separate Performa’s suits from the rest of the field. Wear back with Van Heusen’s non-iron Performa shirts, which harness cotton-rich softness and breathability with the power of a technologically advanced Vapour-phase process to give the shirting fabric a crush-resistant ‘memory’. The fabric memory holds the just ironed look firmly in place all day long. Each generously cut shirt is available in classic or fashion fabrics, with variable sleeve lengths.

Masking its true nature, Van Heusen Performa’s inner strength remains under-cover. It’s nano-powers are cleverly disguised by its fashionable cut and finishing, ultra-natural handle, breathable nature and environmentally friendly morals – less damage from daily grime means less time at the dry cleaners. With Van Heusen Performa suits and Non-Iron shirts, you’ll conquer anything that life throws your way.

Van Heusen Performa

Explodes into your world this August.

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